11 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (2023)

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11 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (1)

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Influencers work tirelessly to gain Instagram likes, views, and profile engagement. After years of hard work, they accumulate thousands of followers on Instagram.

However, there’s a shortcut to boosting your Instagram following and getting thousands of followers within months.

That hack is to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views from quality service providers.

You can click on a button with the desired package and buy followers on Instagram in large batches.

That doesn't mean any click will get you there. You need a recommended company that can handle such an intricate task.

For that purpose, this article will provide you with top companies that provide high-quality profile engagements.

How to Buy Real Followers on Instagram?

Buying Instagram followers is simple, but many companies deliver low-quality spam accounts, thus harming your account more than they benefit.

That’s why we’ve listed only the companies with a great reputation and proven track record. So, let’s get started.


11 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (2)

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If there’s one company you can trust blindly, it’s likes.io. They have the most sophisticated mechanisms and effective networks that deliver a high-quality audience.

You can just click on the package of your choice and get instant follower profiles within seconds. You can get 500 to 10k followers within days.

Trust is visible when you visit their website, as many satisfied customers have given them great reviews.

The best feature of likes.io is its transparency. You’ll get all the necessary details about the type of Instagram follower accounts they provide. Quick delivery is also a plus point.

The giant media sites such as Usmagazine, Mens Journal, 303Magazine, Buffalonews, Sandiego Magazine, Economic Times, Growthwisely, Abc15, Tampabay, Fox13now, and Business review also rank this site as the best Instagram service provider.

With 24/7 customer service ready to help, your money goes where it should, generating quality likes, views, and organic engagements on your IG account.

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11 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (3)

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When you buy followers on Instagram, you want a guarantee that these accounts will not end up banning you from IG.

Stormlikes.net provides that guarantee. They also provide after-sales services, so if your account engagement is low, they’ll make some adjustments to get you better exposure.

Highly successful influencers recommend stormlikes.net as they also occasionally buy Instagram followers cheap from this source.

This company’s customers are some of the most famous social media content creators who boost their IG accounts through likes, views, and Instagram follower profiles.

You can get TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platform likes and views from them. Our experts recommend availing of a social media strategy from this source for best performance.


Set up your Instagram profile, go to followers.io, and get going within days. You will be awed by such an effective social media marketing strategy provider.

When you buy real Instagram followers from this website, your business takes a new flight in the social media world.

The company provides authentic likes, views, and positive profile engagements that boost your productivity.

The basic package starts with likes and views that help you gauge their performance. Its delivery is within minutes, so you don’t waste any time.

They follow a targeted audience strategy that enables your account to grow in the niche you want to expand.

Nevertheless, we only advise that you buy real Instagram followers gradually while you're new to the practice.

When you're experienced and have gained a steady amount of followers, you can opt for larger quantities.


Social media is all about viral content that engages real users regularly. Nonetheless, you need a lot of profile engagement before your content is noticed.

Social-viral.com is that ladder that helps you climb the towers of fame within days.

Their customer-focused social media marketing strategy attracts real Instagram followers worldwide and brings them to you. Their average delivery time is also great.

Unlike many cheap Instagram services, they don’t rely on fake accounts or bots. They engage real people from around the world and make them your followers.

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The result of this unique approach is organic social media engagement and growth. You can buy authentic Instagram followers from their numerous packages and select the best fit for your needs.



You can use getviral to buy Instagram flowers cheap when your IG account is new and you don’t want to invest too much.

There are always drawbacks to using cheap services, but you can rely on its deliverables for a low budget.

Getviral.io is made for aspiring influencers and agencies trying to impress their profile visitors with many Instagram follower profiles on their list.

They’re not as effective as likes.io or stormlikes.io, but still, you can get Instagram followers at low rates.

Getviral.io has diverse clients, from upcoming music artists to new businesses. They also provide likes and views for other profiles such as on SoundCloud and twitch.



VIPlikes is famous for monthly and weekly packages that allow users to get Instagram followers and other social media platform services.

They are on the lower spectrum of prices, so you can rely on them to deliver quantity.

Their basic package starts from 500 Instagram likes and increases to around 10,000 likes in a month.

The customer service delivery of VIPlikes.net is reliable and responsive. You can ask any questions upfront. They provide you with complete guidance about processes and prices.

If you are a returning customer, you can contact them for a second-coming discount.

Social media marketing experts think of VIPlikes.net as a reliable service to buy Instagram likes.



Increase your social media likes and buy Instagram views like a boss with socialboss.org. The platform features exciting offers for new influencers.

The service delivery is reliable for Instagram likes and has good quality Instagram follower lists for different niches. You can select the package and fill out the information within seconds before making payments.

The advantage of socialboss.org is its low price for basic packages that include seamless communication. They are not as experienced as likes.io but have recently made some good grounds in providing fake followers.

The website offers various payment methods, including cryptocurrency, so if you’re a digital currency buff, you can rely on them for quality output.

The process is also easy to follow, and the delivery of results is considerably high when you compare it with many other services.



Gpc.fm is a new company on the social media horizon, but many experts are hopeful that it will make a good name in the future.

The company has a high user-satisfaction rate, so you can get its service if you’re a new influencer.

Although there are negative reviews, that doesn't make the company a complete failure. Their services are fast, cheap, and effective.


One good feature of their website is to show real customer reviews so you can just comment and give them a review on their website.

This transparent approach makes them credible in the eyes of their customers.



You can buy Instagram likes and views from different platforms, but that will be ineffective if those views are for one time only. The effectivity of inactive profiles doesn’t last for long.

Activeig.com is a service committed to providing active Instagram users who engage with your content posts regularly.

Moreover, they are interested in your niche and have higher chances of converting into profits for your business.

They only have around three thousand reviews, but those reviews are positive overall. FOr this reason, you can trust their services.

They also provide YouTube post views, which is an effective strategy if you want to integrate your social media profiles.



A positive social media profile rating is a great booster for business and self-promotion. That rating comes from complex factors. Among them is getting real Instagram likes from people who are highly engaging followers.

Popularup.com lets you buy Instagram views and likes at reasonable prices with quality customer support.

You can order in batches or select an option for auto likes, which enables your content to be boosted whenever it comes online.

The service has two major options, including high-quality and super-quality real followers. While the cost for each option varies, both feature fast delivery times.

You can also buy Instagram IGTV views and comments on any post to get a more real audience for your content.



Some users don’t like the name massgress.com, but that’s another discussion. The service is quite good in terms of providing real Instagram followers.

Its advantage is high-speed delivery and easy-to-follow procedures. All you have to do is go to the website, fill out the information (usually just your IG username without password), and select the package.

Massgress.com does the rest and provides your Instagram account with thousands of followers in no time.

These are real profile engagements, so you don’t lose your likes, views, and comments. No bots or fake accounts are used in the process. You can also select premium followers for better results.

Which Site is the Best to Buy Instagram Followers?

There are different features at which different sites are evaluated, and experts choose the ones that deliver the best results on all fronts.

In almost all criteria, four websites, which we’ve listed as the top four, outperform all others by a large margin.

These four sites are likes.io, stormlikes.net, followers.io, and social-viral.com. They deliver high-quality social media engagements that help your accounts grow. Also, from about four, the best sites to buy instagram followers is likes.io, which gained 10/10 points from various review sites.

Moreover, their likes, views, and comments come from highly selective groups relevant to your niches.

Social media accounts work on user experience, and a big part of that is the quality of posts and social media engagement of visitors. You can enhance that experience by buying followers on Instagram.

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Buy Followers on Instagram: FAQs

1. Can I get instant likes for my IG posts?

You can get instant likes from real people on your IG profile using quality services such as likes.io. They also provide good customer service to solve your problems.

2. Should I use expensive services to buy Instagram audience?

Good quality content sells itself, but generating a large number of views is challenging for startups. To increase your content exposure, you need a high Instagram follower count.

A good quality service, although expensive, can deliver that for you. Fortunately for you, our previously mentioned top-rated options provide pretty affordable packages.

In any case, more Instagram followers is a better social media strategy for any influencer.

3. Will my account be restricted if I buy cheap Instagram views?

Real followers are always the best choice. If you are worried about fake followers affecting your account, buy real people on IG from quality services.

4. Can I make money by buying IG followers with instant delivery?

A good quality IG post generates money when it has considerable reach. Just increasing your Instagram follower count will not help you make money.

Authentic followers are social proof that you're not just a random account. As a result, your content will sell in the end, and that's where people spend money on advertising through your account.

5. Is buying IG likes legal?

Fake followers from fake accounts can get you in trouble on IG, but that doesn't mean there is a cause for legal action.

Nevertheless, it's advisable to get real accounts interested in quality content.

6. Is there an alternative to buying IG engagements on my content?

You can increase your audience by posting relatable content for real users. That way, you'll have no bot followers, and your content will spread like wildfire.

7. Where do paid IG views come from?

When you get followers on Instagram, they give you likes and views because quality service providers give you real users instead of fake accounts.

Some services also sell paid likes and auto likes to their clients. These are not high-quality Instagram followers, but still, they work for many people.

8. Should I buy Canadian Instagram fake followers?

When your business is in the US, you might not consider getting an audience from other countries, but that's not the right approach.

When your content engagement increases, you get potential followers from worldwide audiences, creating an overall positive effect even if they don't bring you revenues.

9. Are international likes and views more profitable than local ones?

It depends on the type of products and services you're offering. For local businesses, you can target local people and get instant success.

If your business is international, your target audience should also be international.

10. Will my organic likes and comments be affected by paid ones?

Fake followers don't affect the organic followers in any way. Instead, your profile engagement rate increases, creating a positive atmosphere on your IG profile.

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Fake or real, as long as they are active followers, they amount to social proof for your profile authenticity. In effect, they make your posts go viral increasing your account’s popularity.


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