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So, are you ready for some MAGICAL news?! I am very happy to inform you that you do not have to change the name on an existing ticket in order for another person to use that specific Disneyland Theme Park Ticket. Once your friend arrives at one of the Disneyland Theme Parks, a Cast Member will take a picture of the person using this ticket. From there, the ticket will be linked to the person on the picture. If the ticket is a multi-day Disneyland Theme Park Ticket, this ticket must be used by the same person for each valid day on the multi-day ticket.

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As more and more TIGGER-ific information is shared about the phased reopening of the Disneyland Resort, I would highly recommend following Disneyland on all of its social media channels and subscribing to The Disney Parks Blog for the most up-to-date Disney information!

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Can I transfer my Disney tickets to someone else? ›

No. Once a person uses a Disney Theme Park Ticket, all subsequent admissions are specific to that person and cannot be transferred to anyone else. If you have not yet used a ticket, you may transfer it to another person. You may also buy a new theme park ticket online or at the theme park Main Entrance.

How do I transfer an unused Disneyland ticket to someone else? ›

To reassign an unused Theme Park Ticket, find the ticket you wish to modify on your My Disney Experience account online. Click on the "Reassign Ticket" link to the right of the ticket. Select the person you'd like to reassign the ticket to from the drop-down list and follow the prompts to confirm the transfer!

Can you use a Disney ticket with someone else's name? ›

Can I give them to someone else to use the remaining days? Please note that all Multi-Day Theme Park tickets are non-transferable and must be used by the same person. The person that uses the ticket for the very first time must use the ticket for its entirety.

Can my friend use my Disneyland ticket? ›

If you purchased the ticket yourself via your Disney account and it is unused then you can print out the ticket barcode and then give it to your friend. She will then be able to associate or link the ticket to her Disney account online or the Disneyland Mobile App using the barcode ID number.

Can I return unused Disney tickets? ›

A. Tickets and packages at Walt Disney World Resort are nontransferable and nonrefundable. You cannot cancel or get a refund for a ticket or package, but in some cases you can use unexpired theme park tickets for a future vacation.

How long are unused Disney tickets good for? ›

If you've purchased either Magic Your Way or Flexible tickets in the past and have not used them, you don't need to choose a start date. They will simply expire 14 days from the time of the first usage OR when every admission on the ticket has been used. Whichever comes first.

Can I transfer Disneyland tickets to another phone? ›

Select "Tickets & Passes" and then tap the "+" in the top right-hand corner. This will pull down a menu where you can select "Link Tickets & Passes". If you are all together, you can simply scan each other's barcodes to connect.

Do names on Disneyland tickets matter? ›

The name linked to your theme park ticket is a useful way to help keep multiple tickets straight in the Disneyland mobile app. However, in most cases for standard tickets, it is not strictly necessary for the name to match exactly with the Guest using the ticket.

Does Disney Check ID for tickets? ›

If you have regular single-day or multi-day One Park Per Day and Park Hopper tickets, you will not be asked for ID. The Cast Member will take your photo the first time you scan in for the day and that ticket will then be assigned to you.

Do you need ID to use Disney tickets? ›

Typically you don't need a form of identification to validate your Disneyland Theme Park Admission Tickets. However, there are two instances in which case you would: if you were using Disneyland's 3 or 4-Day Military Promotional Park Hopper Tickets, or if you have the 3-Day Southern California Resident Ticket.

What to do if you put the wrong name on Disney ticket? ›

In order to change a name on a Disneyland ticket, you'll have to contact Disneyland directly. You can do this by calling Disney's Technical Support at (714) 520-6222 or Disneyland Ticket Services at (714) 781-4636. Here they will be able to reassign your ticket to the appropriate person and/or correct name.

Can I change a name on Disneyland ticket? ›

Yes, it is possible to change names on tickets. You can place a call to the Tickets services phone line and a Cast Member there can help you out. Alternatively, for most theme park tickets, it's often fine if the name on the ticket does not match the person actually using the ticket.

What happens with unused Disney tickets? ›

Additional Ticket Information The amount paid for an unused, expired ticket may be applied towards the purchase of a new ticket at the current price so long as the new ticket purchase price is equal to or greater than the amount paid for the original ticket.

What happens to Disney tickets if you can't go? ›

If you purchase a ticket and are unable to make it, you will not lose your ticket. Disneyland Resort theme park tickets are, however, non-refundable, so you'll need to find a new time to visit!

Can you cancel Disney tickets same day? ›

Guests with theme park reservations may cancel them at any time up until 11:59 PM Pacific Time the day before the reservation. This is the same whether a park reservation is associated with a theme park ticket or a Disneyland Resort Magic Key pass.

How many times can I change my Disney ticket date? ›

You've brought us a great question! I'm here to let you know that there is no limit to the number of times you can cancel a theme park ticket reservation. As a courtesy, it is recommended that you cancel a reservation if you are not going to be able to visit on that reserved day.

How late can you change Disney tickets? ›

Click "Tickets and Passes." Find the ticket you'd like to change and follow the prompts to choose a new date and checkout. It is important to note that you must complete this process before the clock strikes midnight the day before your scheduled ticket date.

Does Disney check ID for tickets? ›

If you have regular single-day or multi-day One Park Per Day and Park Hopper tickets, you will not be asked for ID. The Cast Member will take your photo the first time you scan in for the day and that ticket will then be assigned to you.


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