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If you have purchased standard theme park tickets, a form of identification is not needed. When you visit the Disneyland Resort Main Entrance Turnstiles, the Cast Members there will scan your tickets, and take a picture of each Guest. This is how the tickets will be assigned to the Guests.

However, if you purchased one of the current ticket offers available for California Residents residing within ZIP codes 90000-96199, and Northern Baja California residents within ZIP codes 21000-22999, then you will need to provide a valid government-issued photo ID showing an address within a valid ZIP code for proof of residency.

I hope that helps to clarify when you will need a form of identification when it comes to theme park tickets!

Also, I have a bit of news to share. The Main Street Electrical Parade and Disneyland Forever fireworks will be ending their limited-time runs on September 1, 2022! If you are able, I highly recommend visiting the Disneyland Resort to catch these great nighttime experiences one last time before they fly away.

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Do I need my ID to enter Disney? ›

Minors will never need to show ID; Mouseketeers under age three are considered guests of Mickey, so there is no need to purchase admission for them either. If you wish to purchase an alcoholic beverage at the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks, you may be asked to show identification.

Does Disneyland ask for ID at entrance? ›

Typically you don't need a form of identification to validate your Disneyland Theme Park Admission Tickets. However, there are two instances in which case you would: if you were using Disneyland's 3 or 4-Day Military Promotional Park Hopper Tickets, or if you have the 3-Day Southern California Resident Ticket.

Do they check ID at Disneyland gate? ›

There are some park tickets that do require identification when you scan in through the Main Entrance Gates while others do not. If you have regular single-day or multi-day One Park Per Day and Park Hopper tickets, you will not be asked for ID.

What do I need to show to enter Disneyland? ›

To enter a theme park, each Guest (age 3 and older) is required to have both a park reservation and valid ticket or Magic Key pass, for the same date and same park, for each day of their visit.

What forms of ID are accepted at Disney? ›

You must show your passport AND a government-issued photo ID which can verify the name and birth date shown on the copy of the passport. For example, to be sold either of these items you must show your passport with a driving license or a passport with a photo ID card.

Can you get into Disney with an expired ID? ›

Because the form of identification must be valid, you will not be able to use an expired driver's license.

Does Disney check ID for alcohol? ›

Alcoholic beverages can be purchased and consumed at Walt Disney World Resort by all Guests over 21 years of age with a valid form of identification. Once you show your ID and purchase your beverage, you will not be given a wristband to wear.

What proof of residency is needed for Disneyland? ›

But back to your main question, Guests will be required to provide proof of residency, including a valid government-issued photo ID. Now since your driver's license does not have your current Southern California address yet, I recommend you bring an additional form of residency document such as a utility bill.

Does Disneyland check ID for California resident tickets? ›

Your billing ZIP code must match one of these ZIP codes in order to purchase the SoCal Resident ticket offer. All guests ages 18 and older must also have a valid government issued photo ID with proof of address at Disneyland in order to use the tickets. Each qualifying resident is able to purchase up to five tickets.

Do they ask for proof of age at Disney? ›

Disney park employees don't ask for proof of your child's age. You only have to tell them that your child is under three, and they'll be allowed into the park for free. Only children three and older require a purchased ticket.

Does Disney check Florida ID? ›

For each ticket or pass purchased for an adult, you may provide any of the following: Valid Florida driver's license (must have a Florida address)Valid Florida state-issued ID card (must have a Florida address)Valid Florida-based military ID *For your convenience, Florida residents with any of the above listed ...

Can you still get into Disney for free on your birthday? ›

Disney DOESN'T give you free admission into the theme parks on your birthday. They DON'T give you free hotel stays or free meals. You CAN'T skip the lines or get special dining reservations.

Does Walmart check alcohol ID? ›

Yes. The self-checkout is being monitored by an employee, and scanning alcohol triggers them to come to your register to check ID.

How does Uber verify age for alcohol? ›

An Uber Eats delivery driver is required to scan a customer's ID in the app to ensure they are over the age of 18 and check they are not visibly intoxicated before handing over an order. The driver is paid by Uber to return the alcohol to the store if a person is underage or visibly intoxicated.

Can you have alcohol in your room at Disney? ›

Adults 21 and over may take alcohol into their rooms to be consumed there. You can find some of the most popular beers and wine available for purchase at one of the gift shops at the Disneyland Hotel, Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel.

Is photo ID required for Disneyland? ›

Just a few more sleeps and you'll be at the Happiest Place on Earth! Mary, there are certain ticket types that require a valid photo ID, such as the California Resident ticket offer, or military ticket offers. However, typically Guests with general theme park tickets do not need photo ID to enter.

Does Disneyland check birth certificates? ›

We love helping Guests like us answer their planning questions. I'm happy to report that you do not need to bring a birth certificate or any kind of document to verify your child's age. If asked at the turnstile, you just have to simply share their age and you will be on your way.

Can you use a ticket with someone else's name on it Disneyland? ›

A ticket isn't officially assigned to an individual until it is scanned at the park gates and a Cast Member takes their photo. From that point on, the same person needs to use the same ticket, but the name attached to the ticket in the Disneyland app doesn't matter.

Do they check names at Disneyland? ›

I'm happy to let you know that you do not need to worry about the name on your ticket matching your ID, unless that ticket is a special ticket, like the Military Promotional Park Hopper Ticket.

Does Disneyland check ID at gate for Southern California tickets? ›

Your billing ZIP code must match one of these ZIP codes in order to purchase the SoCal Resident ticket offer. All guests ages 18 and older must also have a valid government issued photo ID with proof of address at Disneyland in order to use the tickets.

Do they ask for proof of age at Disneyland? ›

The parks work on an honor system regarding the ages of young Guests, so Cast Members typically don't request proof of age for a child. Other than a theme park ticket for a child ages three or older, there is no need to bring along any form of identification for your kids.

Can I use a Disney ticket with someone elses name? ›

No. Once a person uses a Disney Theme Park Ticket, all subsequent admissions are specific to that person and cannot be transferred to anyone else. If you have not yet used a ticket, you may transfer it to another person. You may also buy a new theme park ticket online or at the theme park Main Entrance.

Can you use a Disneyland ticket with someone elses name on it? ›

If the ticket is a multi-day Disneyland Theme Park Ticket, this ticket must be used by the same person for each valid day on the multi-day ticket.

Can you wear ripped jeans to Disneyland? ›

Women - Jeans, skirts or dress shorts and blouse, sweater or dress is required. NOT PERMITTED: Tank tops, swim suits or swim cover ups, hats for gentlemen, cut offs or clothing with rips/tears are not allowed. T-shirts with offensive language/graphics will also not be permitted.

What if my child turns 3 at Disney World? ›

As it sounds like you already know, if your son is two when you travel to Walt Disney World Resort, you won't need to purchase a ticket for the days after he turns three. He'll be a Guest of Mickey Mouse for the remainder of your visit!

Will Disney ask for birth certificate? ›

You won't need to show any type of proof of age for your young child. When you're at the kiosk to scan your ticket to enter the Walt Disney World Theme Park and Mickey turns green allowing you in, you'll simply carry or walk your under the age of 3 child right along with you.

What age is Disney free? ›

Child prices are valid for children aged 3-9 years on day of first use; children aged 10 years and above pay the adult ticket price; children under 3 years do not require a Theme Park Ticket and are admitted free when accompanied by an adult. All tickets purchased online are e-tickets.


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