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Motor vehicle drivers in the state of Georgia must appreciate there is a substantial difference between operating a motor vehicle without any tags and driving a vehicle with either expired tags or entirely lacking tags. When faced with an expired tag charge in the state of Georgia, motor vehicle operators are at risk of being charged with a misdemeanor.

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If you find yourself in such a situation, it is an extremely wise idea to contact a skilled attorney like the legal counsel at Yeargan & Kert, LLC to make sure that your case resolves in the best possible manner.

Applicable Georgia Law Regarding An Expired Tag Ticket

Motor vehicle drivers in the state of Georgia should appreciate that suspended registration tickets frequently require that the individual operating the motor vehicle was aware that the vehicle’s registration was suspended.

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Applicablelaw in the state of Georgia requires individual who operate a motor vehicle on any road or highway in the state of Georgia to make sure that the vehicle is first properly registered. In many situations, Georgia law enforcement satisfy knowledge requirement for motor vehicle operators.

Because vehicle registrations contain histories similar to the various citations that an individual receives on a driver’s license, law enforcement will frequently check a vehicle’s registration history.

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Potential Consequences

Among the negative consequences faced by motor vehicles in the state of Georgia who are charged with operating a motor vehicle that possesses expired tags, there are various potential charges. It is particularly difficult for individuals to estimate how much these charges are worth because these amounts vary betweencounty. These charges include the following elements:

  • Expired tags that have been on a motor vehicle for less than fifty-nine days, individuals can expect to pay approximately one hundred twenty-five dollars.
  • Expired tags that have on a motor vehicle for greater than sixty days frequently result in fines of one hundred thirty-five dollars or in some Georgia counties even more.
  • An improper display of a vehicle tag can result in fines in excess of one hundred thirty-five dollars in many Georgia counties.
  • Improper registration or failure to obtain a tag in the state of Georgia can result in fines that are approximately one hundred thirty-five dollars.
  • Lack of a county tag typically results in approximately a thirty dollar fine an individual’s first offense. An individual who lacks a county tag for a second offense can expect to pay fines of one hundred thirty-five dollars.
  • Lack of tags on a motor vehicle often results in individuals facing fines that are approximately one hundred thirty dollars.

Fortunately, nearly every case involving an expired tag does not involve the suspension of an individual’s driver’s license or time in jail.

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Potential Defenses

In very few cases involving expired tags are individuals able to argue that law enforcement officers should let the automobile driver continue operating their vehicle without a charge being made? If you require assistance in creating a strong legal defense in response to these charges, it is a wise idea to contact a skilled attorney who can create a strong defense in response to expired tag charges.

Individuals should resist the temptation to merely pay for an individual’s ticket and move on because this payment will be seen as an automatic admission of guilt in the eyes of the court.

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Contact a Top Georgia Defense Attorney at Yeargan & Kert, LLC

Many individuals who have received expired or no tags charges in the state of Georgia have discovered that the legal counsel at Yeargan & Kert, LLC knows how to make sure that an individual’s case resolves in the best possible manner. Do not hesitate to contact a skilled Georgia defense attorney to respond to your case. Consider contacting our firm today.


Can your car be towed for expired tags in Georgia? ›

Can my car be impounded for expired registration in Georgia? It is illegal to drive a car in Georgia that does not have a current registration. If you are stopped while driving a vehicle on the street with an expired registration the officer may very well impound your car.

What happens if you drive around with expired tags? ›

But if you forgot this year or something happened to your vehicle tags, you could find yourself getting pulled over for expired registration. The usual result is a warning, a fine, and the possibility that your car may be towed or impounded.

How long can you go without a tag in Georgia? ›

Georgia residents who have purchased a vehicle from another individual must register it within 7 business days from the date of purchase. Georgia residents who purchase a car from a dealer have 30 days from the date of purchase to apply for registration.

Is expired tag a misdemeanor in Georgia? ›

Driving with expired or no tags is a misdemeanor in Georgia and will go on your permanent driving record. Driving with suspended, canceled, or revoked registration in Georgia is a more serious and costly offense.

How long can you drive with expired tags in Georgia? ›

Expired tags that have on a motor vehicle for greater than sixty days frequently result in fines of one hundred thirty-five dollars or in some Georgia counties even more. An improper display of a vehicle tag can result in fines in excess of one hundred thirty-five dollars in many Georgia counties.

How much is the fine for expired registration? ›

The LTO charges a P100 weekly fine for late registration. If the delay lasts many months but not longer than a year, the fine will be equal to 50% of the MVUC. 3. Can I change my plate number?

Can we drive vehicle with expired registration? ›

Yes, you will get fine against driving a car with expired registration.

What happens if you drive a car without registration? ›

First offense – fine not exceeding P2,000. Second offense – fine not exceeding P4,000. Third and succeeding offenses – one-year suspension of motor-vehicle registration and a fine not exceeding P6,000.

What is the penalty for late tag renewal in Georgia? ›

How much are the penalties for late payment? There is a $5 penalty on the registration fee and a 10% penalty of the ad valorem tax, if applicable. Find more information on Motor Vehicle fees, fines and penalties.

Can police run your plates for no reason in Georgia? ›

Does the officer have to have reasonable suspicion or probable cause before running that check? The officer does not need probable cause or reasonable suspicion to have dispatch check the license or to run a computerized check.

Is it illegal to drive without a tag in Georgia? ›

Any person owning or operating any vehicle on the public highways and streets of this state without registering and obtaining a license plate to operate the vehicle in the timeframe required or without renewing the registration and license plate during their registration period shall be guilty of a criminal offense.

How much is a ticket for suspended registration in GA? ›

To reinstate the vehicle registration after the suspension, the owner must: Obtain and keep continuous Georgia liability insurance coverage. Pay a lapse fine of $25. Pay a reinstatement fee of $60.

What happens if you dont register your car in Georgia? ›

New Georgia Residents

If you do not register your vehicle within 30 days, penalties and fines are assessed. New residents are required to pay a tag fee, a title fee, and a one-time title ad valorem tax (title tax) of 3%. The full amount is due upon titling any motor vehicle.

What is the fine for 40 2 8 in Georgia? ›

Any person convicted of such offense shall be punished by a fine of $25.00 for a first offense and $100.00 for a second or subsequent such offense. However, a county name decal shall not be required if there is no space provided for a county name decal on the current license plate.

What is the fine for driving without insurance in Georgia? ›

Penalties for driving without insurance in Georgia
Penalty typeFirst offenseSubsequent offenses
Fines$200Up to $1,000
Jail timeUp to one year
License suspension60 days minimum90 days minimum
Lapse fee$25$25
1 more row
Oct 5, 2022

How much is the penalty for late registration of vehicle 2022? ›

The registration is only valid for three years. After that, you have to renew your vehicle according to your schedule or get a PHP 200 fine per week that you miss. The last digit of your license plate number indicates the month when you should renew your vehicle after years.

How much is the penalty for 3 years late registration of car? ›

So, to answer your question, if you haven't registered your car in three years and you're caught on the road, you will lose your car, have to pay the P10,000 fine, and the additional penalties to register your vehicle.

How much is the violation of expired registration in LTO? ›

LTO Penalties For Expired Car Registration: Rates

Driving with an expired or late car registration can make you face a fine at around Php 2,000 to an enormous Php 10,000, or even worse-getting car impoundment.

Can I renew car registration without paying fines 2022? ›

Answer 1: The customer is required to settle all vehicle pending fines in the case of an expired ownership and all Salik fines registered on his traffic file.

Can you drive around without registration? ›

Driving Without Proof of Registration. In every state, traffic laws make it unlawful to operate a motor vehicle when: The vehicle has never been registered with the state department of motor vehicles (or motor vehicles bureau) in the state where it is primarily used, or.

How much is the fine for driving an unregistered vehicle in Qld? ›

It is, however, against the law to drive an unregistered vehicle on a public road. Under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2021, a person must not use or permit someone else to use an unregistered vehicle on a Queensland road. The maximum penalty is 80 penalty units.

Is it okay to drive without plate number? ›

According to Section 18, the plates must be attached to every motor vehicle in a manner that is legible and clearly visible. So, it is as clear as day that any vehicle making use of the country's road network needs to be easily identifiable.

What is the violation of driving without license? ›

LTO fine: ₱3,000

The penalty for driving without a license in the Philippines is a hefty ₱3,000. This driving without license fine also applies to having a delinquent, expired, suspended, revoked, improper, or fake driver's license.

What is the obligation of driving a car without registration and license? ›

- Learning Task 1: ✓ Scenario number 1: Patrick drove his car without registration and license. Consequences: ¹ Patrick will get caught by the police due to driving a car without registration and license. ² He will pay a corresponding fine for the violation he did.

What are the towing laws in Georgia? ›

Georgia Law mandates that all towing companies and wrecker services engaged in the removal of vehicles from private property without the owner's or operator's consent hold a state-issued Non-Consensual Towing Permit.

What happens if you get pulled over without a tag in Georgia? ›

A first offense of driving without valid registration is a misdemeanor. A conviction may result in up to 12 months in county jail as well as fines of up to $1,000. The court will likely impose increased penalties for a second, third or subsequent offense.

How much can a towing company legally charge in Georgia? ›

In Georgia, towing companies may not charge more than $125 for the non-consensual towing of a vehicle that weighs less than 10,000 pounds. As a Georgia consumer, however, you are protected by the Fair Business Practices Act, which prohibits unfair and deceptive acts or practices in the marketplace.

How much is impound fee per day in Georgia? ›

All impound fee are $125.00. A regular car is charged $15.00 per day AFTER 24 hours. Citizens should be certain no storage is added until after 24 hours. Most say a minimum impound fee in case there are regulation changes, but all fees must comply with the Ga PSC.

How much is the penalty for towing a car? ›

Attended illegally Parked Vehicle P 1,000.00 + Obstruction P 1,000.00. Unattended illegally Parked Vehicle P 2,000.00 + Obstruction P 1,000.00.

How do I get my impound fees waived in GA? ›

It is also possible to get impound fees waived if you can prove to a court that the ticket was issued in error or you have an excuse for violating the law. You will likely still need to pay upfront to get your car out of the impound, but you might be able to get the court to reimburse the fees.

What is the 80/20 rule for towing? ›

The 80/20 towing rule is a safety measure many RVers follow. Basically, the rule states that you shouldn't tow above 80% of your max towing capacity. This gives room for human error in calculations. It also protects the life of your vehicle by not pushing it to the max every time you tow your trailer.

What is a plate penalty Georgia? ›

Failure to renew vehicle's Georgia License Plate Registration during your county's established registration period. 10% of Ad Valorem Tax due + 25% of License Plate Fees. Ad valorem Penalty has a $5.00 minimum.

What is the 85% towing rule? ›

For safe towing it is recommended by many towing experts that a novice should keep the fully laden weight of the caravan no heavier than 85% of the kerbweight of the tow car. This is known as the 85% rule. Bear in mind that it is a guide and not legally enforceable.

How long before a tow company can sell your car in Georgia? ›

Storage fees are accrued daily and vehicles unclaimed after 30 days may be sold in a public car auction.

Can a police officer impound your car on the spot? ›

If you're caught driving while disqualified a police officer can impound your car on the spot. When you are disqualified from driving it means you are not entitled to hold or obtain a driver's licence.

What do I need to get my car out of impound Georgia? ›

Hours: A vehicle must have current registration to be released from the Police Impound Yard. The registered or legal owner must present valid identification. No one can claim a vehicle without valid identification such as a driver's license, state identification card, passport or other valid identification.

How do tow trucks know which cars to tow? ›

They have a driver who is at least intelligent enough to follow directions and recognize the vehicle that has been described to him by his dispatcher or the other person who called for a tow.

How much does a tow cost in Atlanta? ›

Call for Action, our volunteer group, sent us this information from Cost Helper who writes that towing and storage by a public agency can range from $100 to $1000. Recovering a vehicle that was towed from private property can get up to $2,000.


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